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Fantastic paintings in translucent technique -

Freitag, 04. Dezember 2020
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ECO-ART - Discover the paintings of the painter S t e r n h a g e l (Berlin / Germany).
Take a look to this online gallery with a lot of motivating energetic pictures of the 'fantastic World' of the artist. Feel invited to some moments in brilliant translucent techniques.

At the special EcoArt on canvas of 'S t e r n h a g e l'...

... the viewer can immerse in striking, idiosyncratic worlds. These pictures are easy to enjoy for their beauty. Nevertheless, they can indicate multifaceted perspectives.
These artworks inspire to rediscover the relationship with nature and to discover new ways to live in a healthy relationship with our wonderful world. With the currently alarming growth in climate change, the field of EcoArt is growing rapidly today.
The dynamic-looking images not only represent a stimulating aesthetic experience, but also they are capable of depicting energies and forces. In this respect, these pictures are a portrait of the world in their global invisible contexts. Significant is the representation of the invisible forces that make our world possible.
Their spheres of activity appear on the canvas in the form of huge swirls and spiral fields, which take along entire land masses.
Duality and polarity become visible, resonance laws can be guessed at in these pictures. Everything is related. Maybe even one can speak of a spiritual portrait of the world?
EcoArt is a contemporary artistic movement that represents awareness of the healthy coexistence of all living beings in the unique organism 'Planet Earth'.
'Eco' is of ancient Greek origin and means 'house, settle down, home'.
Accordingly, 'EcoArt' is the art that refers to the fact that we use only a small living space of the universe.
EcoArt works to improve our relationship with nature.
EcoArt artists also collaborate with scientists, philosophers and activists on public education projects. Through the universal language of art, positive environmental awareness becomes a fascinating experience for the beholder.
The paintings of 'S t e r n h a g e l' are created with the highest quality oil colours and the best pigments to give the very best artistic and technical quality for the collectors.
S t e r n h a g e l's paintings are known to interested audiences all over the world.

S t e r n h a g e l

has been living and working in Germany as a painter since 1992. At a young age he discovered his fascination for color and shape, thus his visionary craft began to develop early on. S t e r n h a g e l's oil painting abilities were made possible by the guidance of his private teacher from 1987-1989. Subsequently, he pursued an apprenticeship in glass and china painting from 1989-1992 at the School for glass and decoration in Neugablonz. This environment gave him an understanding of various artistic techniques, for example erasure, silkscreen and lino print. In 1993 S t e r n h a g e l joined the association of German artists. By 1996 his oil paintings have adopted an uncommon theme for contemporary art and acrylic paintings: landscapes. In 1999 he presented at the 1st international art fair in Magdeburg, Germany in the Gala gallery, and in 2000 the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, showed an exhibition dedicated solely to S t e r n h a g e l's work.

The harmony of the light

In his paintings S t e r n h a g e l references different elements of nature and uses them to construct another world. He stages a harmony in which light is the central point of attention, thus highlighting its natural human appeal. This method is intended to present a never-before viewed world to the viewer, one which inspires the impression of boundless freedom. The collision of different painting styles (such as naturalism, surrealism and classical art) is significant for his neoromantic paintings. The inspiration for finding new combinations of wondrous worlds underlines the natural human endeavour to always invent, construct and create new things. For the achievement-oriented society his paintings can demonstrate the grace and vulnerability of the ecosystem we call ‘Earth', promoting consciousness towards the environment. Though open to interpretation, his paintings are primarily enjoyed for their picturesque appearance, their smooth gradients and suspense-packed compositions.
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